How to order

Our handling American clothes, Japan domestic clothes.
For men, from reasonable vintage clothes to imported brand clothes,vintage clothes,etc.
For women, we offer reasonable and stylish used clothing.
You can see the price list here.

Shipping method

For orders under 200㎏, we will ship by LCL or international parcel.
LCL shipment is recommended for 200㎏ to 3000㎏.
Larger orders are cheaper to ship in containers.
We will ship according to your designated shipping method.

Method of payment

Overseas remittance or PAYPAL payment is possible.
All remittance fees are paid by the customer.
Shipped when payment is confirmed.
For purchases of 1,000,000 yen or more.
You must pay 50% before booking and 50% after shipping in exchange for BL.


Products can be inspected in advance. No complaints are accepted upon arrival.

Ralf lauren
Bing Crosby Jacket
Hawaiian shirts
501 501 Vintage denim pants
Chicago bulls Tee
LEVI'S 70506
Penadleton shirts
Type G-1 Vintage JKT
Old music Tee
Racing jackets
Swing top Ralph lauren
Champion reverse weave
BIG MAC Sanforized Penneys
Vintage MA-1
Vintage millitary Jacket
Used Levi's
Carhartt Jackets
Foot ball Tee
Rolling Stones Tee
Levi's 70507 Jackets
Champion sewat
Tommy Hilfiger sweater
Lacoste Sweater
Carhartt vintage Jacket
Souvenir jacket
Souvenir jacket Mickey
G-1 Leather Jackets
ficce UOMO
Old Souvenir jacket
Vetonam Jacket
Used brand shirts
Picaso Jacket Vintage
70's Levi's denim shirts
pattarn shirts
Harley-Davidson TEE
80’S screen star
Old Tee
Musician T-shirts
70's Denim jacket
Bowlling shirts
Stussy T-shirts
Ptagonia Jacket
Def Reppard
Star wars Tee
G-1 Tag